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Leakproof Thong
Nicole V. (Cincinnati, US)
Confidence with leggings again

I'm so happy to have found a thong that provides leak coverage while wearing leggings and other tighter clothes. It gives me a piece of mind.

Essential Leakproof High Waisted Brief
Barbara B. (New York, US)
Comfortable and functional

The pants are very comfortable with a smooth feel, and they seem to be a little more absorbent than the highest absorbency of the other brands I've used. I wish they came in pretty colors and patterns.

Leakproof High Waisted Brief
Cheryl L. (Minneapolis, US)

A comfortable, soft and nice fitting product. I will be ordering more. However, I’d probably order up another size cuz my tummy is chubby. I can also say the customer service is awesome. When I inadvertently forgot to change my order size and got the smallest size possible-I was not charged for them and was able to correctly order a new pair. Absolutely no question on the company’s part. Big win!

Essential Leakproof Thong
Shayna C. (Edmonton, CA)
So worth it!! Best product and best customer service!

So first I should say I've tried all of the popular period underwear brands out there. They were good but just not quite perfect. I went on a hunt found this company which at the time didn't ship to Canada. I sent them an email or a chat or something saying "wish you shipped to Canada" and that was it, and they emailed me back saying that they had had a few requests for Canadian shipping and (I'm not kidding) they added the option to ship to Canada, immediately. I bought three pairs instead of one since I had to pay for shipping I figured might as well get more in one order. The items arrived in a timely manner and they even included a complimentary sleep mask which is so cute. Now about the product.. they are literally the best I've tried and I've tried a few. The period thongs have the most absorbency available on the market I think (I've looked, for hours), the absorbent pad comes up higher than most other brands which is nice and they are actually so comfortable and remain so after washing. Literally love them. I was blown away.

fit beautifully and sooo comfortable

I have almost all positve comments except: There is no odor control - NONE.

Leakproof High Waisted Brief
Connie (Mountainburg, US)

It fits well and definitely helps with bigger leaks

Leakproof High Waisted Brief
Barbara B. (New York, US)

The body of the pants fit and are comfortable, but the waist is way too tight, making them unwearable.

We're sorry this was not the right pair. We're positive that we can get you into the right fit. With our PP guarantee, this would be at no cost of course. We will send you a DM.

Leakproof Boy Short
Connie (Mountainburg, US)

They are so comfortable you forget they are on. The leak proof works amazing!!

Omg I’ve been looking for these

Forever . These are so comfortable and well worth the money . The worry is gone I can wear all day with no leakage . I’ve bough 6 pairs and I’m so glad I did.

Essential Leakproof Boy Short
H.J. (Stevensville, US)

Finally leakproof underwear that are actually leakproof! They fit well and are comfortable. Placing another order today!

Leakproof Bikini
Melany S. (Mount Vernon, US)
Kinda amazing

I'll never be pad free but the babies are a life saver.

Leakproof High Waisted Brief
Debra G. (Claremore, US)

I have been wearing these for incontinence. These briefs are so comfortable . They are not bulky. They fit true to size. Plus, they work well. I will be ordering some more.

Leakproof Bikini
C.W. (Ashburn, US)
These are the real deal

First, these panties (bikini) are very cute and feminine. They are a comfortable fit and the fabric is soft.
They have been tested with coughing and sneezing and I am happy to tell you that they measure up to the claims of no leakage. I am very happy with this purchase and intend to buy more.

Leakproof High Waisted Brief
Kay G. (St Louis, US)
Love these!

I got several pairs of these, and am so glad I did! They are less expensive and much more comfortable than other brands I have tried. They fit really well and would be worth the money if that is all they did. But add the fact that I no longer have to worry about leaks, they are quite a bargain. I only have small leaks, so I can't vouch for the absorbency with larger leaks. With the other brand I used, I always felt like there was an odor to them, but that is not the case with these. Have only washed them a few times, but so far they are coming out wonderfully. Now if they only made them in shapewear, I would be in hog heaven!

Nice Pants for Incontinence

These are really soft. They are as described, high waisted. I haven't coughed much since I got them, but I am sure that I will save money. The store brands don't cut it much, because they don't even stick to the underwear anymore. I have some from another company. The one difference I noticed with the ONDR, is that the leak proof protective area doesn't go up the front or the back very far. I think that would be a plus & hope they consider doing that. Probably the one downside is; if you happen to leak, you might feel a tad wet, but your jeans are not wet. When you go to the bathroom, you may smell your urine, but I don't think anyone else does. Maybe others, carry extra ONDRwear with them. I have enough, that I can change every day. Wish something like this was developed years ago. They wash great on delicate cycle & I dry them on low, because I don't have a clothesline. I wear them everyday, so I don't have to buy underwear from the stores anymore. You don't even notice that you have them on.

Essential Leakproof Boy Short
Anonymous (Anchorage, US)

Very comfortable fitting. No pads needed. Best undies ever!

Leakproof Boxer Brief
Godwin A. (Irvine, US)
the wasit band

the waistband too lose for a man, it needs to be harder

Essential Leakproof High Waisted Brief
Sandra J. (Lone Jack, US)
As advertised

Sizing was right on. Quality is very good. Worked as advertised

Essential Leakproof Boy Short
Angie R. (Battle Ground, US)
Better than the rest

I am an active 45 year old woman who needs these leak proof panties to help me get on with my life after kids.

I am a bit of a consumer at this point of several versions of leakproof undies

What I love about these: snug, fit, not bulky, good for staying active - breathes - no sweaty butt like some of the others out on the market

Leakproof Bikini
Linda W. (Fallston, US)
Confidence Builder

I have no more worries when I sneeze or cough because I know if I leak a little it will not be showing through on my pants. Fit is comfortable, but the size does run small.

Essential Leakproof High Waisted Brief
Carmen G. (Corpus Christi, US)
Rose high waisted is the best

I feel so comfortable in these, they work well for leaks. I’m in my mid sixties and I wish I would’ve known about these years ago. Please consider trying these. So I am a size 14 & the 2xl are perfect. Thank you doctor for helping women like me with this common problem

Leakproof Thong
Ashley K. (Clovis, US)

Thank God for these undies! I have a prolapsed bladder and also love to workout. These undies are the real deal- I don’t leak through my pants while running or doing HIIT. Will definitely purchase again. They do run a little small so I would definitely get a large instead of medium next time. I am a size 8 for reference

Leakproof Boy Short
CB (Los Angeles, US)
Nice fit

I like the fit of these boy shorts and they look great. I'm 5'5, 135lbs and the medium is snug at first try, but feels ok once I move around. I like them overall. My main issue is that the protective fabric does not wick moisture well enough and initially feels really cold against my body. I own other leakproof undies from another brand and these do not fit as well, but they do not transmit any coldness from the moisture being absorbed. This issue produces a very uncomfortable feeling that is difficult to describe. I was so excited to learn about your brand and how it is sourced so I ordered 12 pairs (6 boy shorts, 6 bikini). In hindsight, I should have tried a pair first before the large order. However overall, I do like them but I don't love them.

Thank you for taking the time to review. Unlike a lot of other brands, we are committed to using sustainable fabrics and to avoid the harsh chemical treatments where feasible, especially where the skin contacts the underwear. In this case, we chose natural and softness albeit slightly longer drying time.

Leakproof Boxer Brief
John B. (Clovis, US)

I,use your briefs when I go to bed. I have alittle leaking during the day but at night I just leak alittle.That’s where these briefs are the best.Great product for men with alittle leakage. I,will purchase more in the future.Are there any other “colors “they come,in ?

Leakproof High Waisted Brief
Isabelita R. (Chandler, US)

i like them but for me it does not work, to much of a leak, for me, but i would they are good some days i can wear them and it fine, but others, no good for me,