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Leakproof Bikini
A.B. (Conway, US)
On the tight side

I’ve only tried these on and they did not fit. I typically wear a 25 or 2 in jeans and the small was cutting into my thigh way too much. Not comfortable. The medium might have been a more comfortable fit for me.

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Leakproof High Waisted Brief
Charlotte S. (Dallas, US)

Very pleased with my purchase. The sizing is good.

Essential Leakproof Boy Short
Carol G. (Santa Rosa Beach, US)
Second set of three

Last summer I bought three pairs of essential boy shorts. I had tried two other brands and was not satisfied. The ONDR shorts fit me perfectly. I wear them all the time, night and day. Even though I have very little leakage, I never know when it will happen. So I decided to order three more pairs. The elastic waistband in the second set is shorter and tighter than the those in the first set. I'm hoping they will stretch out a little. I'm wearing them. They are not uncomfortable but are making a groove around my body.

Essential Leakproof Thong
Vicki G. (High Point, US)

I purchased these based on reviews and was hopeful that they would work! I was gratefully surprised with them, saved me from being uncomfortable! Love the fit, material and quality! Highly recommend these so it’s back to the gym!

Leakproof High Waisted Brief
Cristina A. (Elk Grove, US)
They ride

They are okay. I don’t like that they ride up my butt. However, the leak guard works nicely.

Leakproof High Waisted Brief
Theresa B. (Mocksville, US)

I received my first order, LOVE them. Have not laundered yet but already placed a second order. I absolutely love the feel and the confidence gained by wearing them. I did order a size up based on other reviews and they fit wonderfully.

Leakproof Thong
Anonymous (Oakland, US)
These are the ones!

I've tried about five other brands, trying to find a leakproof thong (because I hate panty lines!) that was absorbent enough, looked good, and fit comfortably. This was the first brand that met all of those needs and I have happily placed an order for more. I wish Ondrwear would offer a light-colored option for those lighter color pants. I agree these run small I got Large when I am generally a Medium. But great item overall!

Essential Leakproof High Waisted Brief
judy l. (Machesney Park, US)

I love the fabric. And they do the job!

Soft and silky dryness

I love these panties! Not sure what they are made of but they are so soft and silky. They keep me dry on those occasions when a cough, laughter or long ladies line cause those annoying leaks to sneak up on you.
Once you slip them on it’s like your not wearing anything at all, and it just doesn’t get any better than that in the comfort department. No seams, no lines, no elastic just pure comfort. And the fit is fabulous! Regardless of your shape.
I am amazed at how the ultra thin gusset keeps me dry and comfortable. I’ve tried other types of these panties that were bulky, itched and once wet they sagged like a kids diaper.
I love that these are chemical free and the natural materials used.
They wash well and hold their shape. They must be line dried, but I found a nice cheap hanger with clips that makes this easy.
I just recently purchased the rose colored ones and absolutely love the delicate pink color.
All in all Ondrwear has nailed it, in the leak proof panty line.
Whatever you do, stop, these are perfect, no changes needed.
Thank you for giving me back the confidence to enjoy life again without the worry of life’s little leaks.

Essential Leakproof Bikini
Jules (Painted Post, US)

Never used this type of underwear before, so I was cautious. They work as you would want them to work, it's really a beautiful thing. Much different than the ones my friend tried years ago that definitely smelled. I actually decided to "go" just to check, no leaks & no smell, amazing! These are great, no one needs to know anything

Leakproof Thong
L.K. (Springdale, US)
Love 'em

They are comfy and cute and they do exactly what they are designed to do.

Essential Leakproof High Waisted Brief
Wynnette H. (Seattle, US)

Don’t know how I lived without these for so long. Bring paraplegic pass we’re always a nightmare. Thank you

Essential Leakproof High Waisted Brief
Leah P. (Lake Oswego, US)
Game Changer

I had previously been using pads for urinary incontinence, but hated the bulk and the amount of waste I was creating. The ONDR High Waist briefs have been fantastic. I am packing for a 2 week trip, and instead of bringing a massive amount of pads, I have a small bag of underwear, that I can wash and reuse.

Essential Leakproof Boy Short
Carol G. (Santa Rosa Beach, US)
All day and all night: 24 hours

An XL fit true to size. I had worried because the first ONDR brief I reviewed was said to be small and to size up. A boy short style was new to me but I hoped would stay up better than a bikini. It does. I wear these at night and all day. Only once in awhile do I leak. Most of the time I do not and do not have periods. I am unpredictable. So having a comfortable panty is wonderful protection. I love the delicate shell pink color and the infinitely stretchable fine weave fabric.

Leakproof Boxer Brief
John B. (Moorpark, US)

I have an artificial sphincter that is not working right snd needs to be replaced. OndrWear is tight enough and helps keep the leaking to a minimum.
For anyone who wants to avoid bulky adult underwear, it’s great.

Essential Leakproof High Waisted Brief
BW (Ocean Isle Beach, US)
Love these- but...

So far, I really like these compared to other brands. But I truly need a beige/light rose color for under lighter colored clothing. I prefer the bikini style, but only black is available. Also, a french cut style would be great too! (WITH the rose/beige color choice!) Two other suggestions- the leak-proof material doesn't extend quite far enough front or back, and they really need odor control. Otherwise, they are comfortable, true -to-size, dependable, and a good value for the price.

Love the material/Odor when exposed to air/more colors/bras??

Love the material and comfort. A little bit of dampness with bigger leaks. Would give 5 stars if I felt completely dry at the end of the work day, and if something could be done for the odor, however I don't notice the odor anytime other than when I use the restroom and they're exposed to the air. So that's a plus. I also wish you made bras in this material to match. And of course... Please offer more colors. Overall... The best underwear I have found to reduce/replace the need for bladder leakage pads.

Essential Leakproof High Waisted Brief
Nidia M.S. (Garnerville, US)
High waisted briefs

Wore the all night no leaks. Bought 3 more

Comfortable and worry free

it's comfortable and worry free in comparison to use a pad, but feeling hot when this under pant used for hiking in this summer. Size right and feeling smooth. Overall, this is a good product.

Leakproof High Waisted Brief
Joi (Washington, US)
Great Buy

I am a first time buyer and I am pleased. The high waisted version is a little snug and takes getting used to. The boy short fits perfect. The most important feature, leak guard is excellent. Overall an excellent product.

Essential Leakproof Bikini
PAL (Flower Mound, US)
Perfect quality

I have tried other panties through Amazon. This underwear has been comfortable and odor free throughout the day. It is worth every penny and necessary if we don’t want to wear incontinence pads all day.

Leakproof Boy Short
Debra (McHenry, US)
My second purchase

Very very pleased with the underwear. Comfortable and functional. Wash and wear well, durable and don't lose shape or absorbance. Customer service is outstanding. Couldn't ask for a better experience

Essential Leakproof Boy Short
Anonymous (San Francisco, US)

Damp panties and pants after fast walking. Boy shorts snug enough to see where panties end and tummy shows, not good. Hi hip briefs would be better. Have to rinse thoroughly out, before next laundry.

Leakproof Bikini
Crystal H. (Mahwah, US)
Great fit

No more worries of leakage

Leakproof Boy Short
Cindy K. (St Louis, US)
Nice fit

I would like more cotton type underwear. The leak protection is nice.