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Don't like wouldn't recommend

Not as good as advertised wouldn't recommend


Perfect! I will definitely be ordering more!

Great buy

I washed before I wore. Took 3 days to dry throughly. Then I wore. Wow! What a great experience! I wore them for 24hr, no leaks,no oder, very dry feel. I've been using other brands for more than 5yrs and ondrs are the best. Great fit, great price. Highly recommend.

Sexy bladder protection is here. I love these for everyday wear. Never caught in a bad situation.

Comfortable, can’t tell I’m wearing anything but panties.

Essential Leakproof Boy Short
Nancy P. (Haymarket, US)
It does stop the leaks!

I bought a size bigger than those I've been wearing. Since they have the pad and they're a thicker material, I figured I needed more material for my size. I think I was right to get what I did. It works for what I needed, catching stress leakage mostly due to times when I'm laughing hard or suddenly coughing, sneezing, and falling down. The padded area is something I notice and worry about when I'm wearing the panties- can other people see the thickness there? I never wore period pads so I'm not used to the feeling of the pad and the thickness of it when I wear tight pants and jeans. Is it visible? It "feels" like it could be. ??

I like them however the cut is a bit awkward.

Leakproof High Waisted Brief
Hannah H. (New York, US)
Loving it

I’m so glad that I bought them. Leakproof definitely works and the fabric is soft and hits well.

Essential Leakproof Bikini
Heather F. (Los Angeles, US)
So much to love!

These are amazing. The rose color is perfectly neutral (I usually purchase "nude" underwear). I typically wear a medium but the large in these are more comfortable to me. I get why they need to be snug around the legs, but comfortable undies are a must for me - the large were not saggy AT ALL and still snug around the legs, so there will be no leaks. Customer service is over the top!

Essential Leakproof High Waisted Brief
Jennifer P. (Aliso Viejo, US)

I love everything about this panty brief!! Fit, fabric, no panty lines, worry free.

Does leak

At heaviest flow tried these and where a pads wings would go they leaked through the edge. If the pad in these underwear went all the way to the edge it would totally work.

Essential Leakproof Bikini
L.H. (Chicago, US)
Amazing! They don’t feel like leakproof undies!

After having a baby, I’ve been wearing pads to catch leakage and accidents when I couldn’t make it to the bathroom. After some pelvic floor PT, I’ve greatly improved to the point where I don’t need the thick pads but there are the occasional leaks/accidents. These ONDRwear bikinis are a lifesaver! Doesn’t even feel like I’m wearing leakproof undies!

Great option for me. Love the thong option with the added security.

Essential Leakproof High Waisted Brief
Sandra K.W. (San Antonio, US)
Good fit

Good on size and comfort
Need more colors

Leakproof Boy Short
Jana P.V. (Chicago, US)
Wanted to love

They are ok for a small leak. But it’s not as good as I hoped. I’d say size up on the boy shorts. First time purchasing. Maybe I need a different cut. For the cost I’m not sold on buying more. I will say they’re great for sweating from working out.

Essential Leakproof Boy Short
B B. (Beaumont, US)

I really like that the gusset isn't bulky and doesn't go all the way up the back. Others I have tried feel like diapers. The boyshort cut isn't a good fit for me but I will be ordering other styles because they work and are comfortable.

Essential Leakproof High Waisted Brief
Marilyn K. (West Monroe, US)
Very soft fabric

They work just fine. I’m having to adjust to the fabric. I’ve only ever worn nylon panties.

Essential Leakproof High Waisted Brief
Becky K. (Chattanooga, US)

Helped with leaking but does not wick moisture away from skin

Leakproof High Waisted Brief
Laura S. (Hutchinson, US)

Bought these for my 14 year old daughter and she loves them! She said they are so comfy and keep her dry when she has an Oops! She has already asked me to buy more!!

Essential Leakproof Boy Short
Anonymous (Sewell, US)

I would agree with the reviews saying the sizing is hit or miss. I've tried different brands all in the same size and the elastic around the legs on this pair for me was way too tight. The actual fit of the underwear and the waistband size aside from that was good though. I had to purposefully stretch the elastic on the legs before wearing, but after that it was fine.

Leakproof High Waisted Brief
Kate S. (Sonora, US)
I am happy with them. Well made.

These are nice, but a bit snug. The leak guard works well.

Leakproof Boy Short
K. G. (Las Vegas, US)
Another great purchase

I am so glad I found these underwear. They are comfortable, never have an odor, and last all day. I will be a repeat customer for sure.

Leakproof Thong
Karen B. (Plano, US)
Stays Dry

Functionally, they work perfectly! I'm more than pleased. Aesthetically, however, I'm unhappy with the sizing. I wear a small in nearly everything I own. Sizing up on underwear because they're made smaller is strange. Even the medium is a bit tighter than I'd like; wearing a fitted dress with this underwear wouldn't look good. Hopefully, you'll expand on your color collections. In the summer, many women wear white - jeans, shorts, etc. Black underwear just doesn't work with white.

Essential Leakproof Bikini
S.N. (St. Petersburg, US)

I have never tried this type of underwear before. I sometimes have leakage when I jog and always wear a pad which can bunch up. I ran a 5k recently and tried them out. No issues and they were quite comfortable for running!