leakproof high waisted brief
leakproof high waisted brief
leakproof high waisted brief
leakproof high waisted brief
leakproof high waisted brief
leakproof high waisted brief
leakproof high waisted brief

Essential Leakproof High Waisted Brief

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Leakproof Essential High Waisted Brief

ONDR Essential High Waisted Brief period underwear and incontinence underwear.

Knock Knock. (Who's there?)

Urine. (Urine who?)

Urine trouble if you aren't wearing ONDR. 

— Cause we KNOW what happens when you laugh too hard. Or Jump. Or stand up. Or hear water. Or... We KNOW. We got you. Designing the best damn uber-absorbent NO LEAK underwear out there for any "whoops" moment.  PP Promise.

Our Essential line has a longer gusset and hypoallergenic waistband with the same, doctor designed,  leakproof technology. 

Leakproof high waisted brief, stink-free and dry at 9 tsp or 9 tampons. Period Proof brief.

  • Lining : 81% modal + 13% alginate fiber + 6% spandex 
    Body : 70% nylon + 30% spandex 
    Gusset : 100% polyester; 85% polyester + 10% elastane + 5% polyurethane

    Negative testing for PFAS! 

    Machine wash cold with mild detergent. Do not bleach. Lay flat to dry.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Tamra A. (Madison, US)
Nice Pants for Incontinence

These are really soft. They are as described, high waisted. I haven't coughed much since I got them, but I am sure that I will save money. The store brands don't cut it much, because they don't even stick to the underwear anymore. I have some from another company. The one difference I noticed with the ONDR, is that the leak proof protective area doesn't go up the front or the back very far. I think that would be a plus & hope they consider doing that. Probably the one downside is; if you happen to leak, you might feel a tad wet, but your jeans are not wet. When you go to the bathroom, you may smell your urine, but I don't think anyone else does. Maybe others, carry extra ONDRwear with them. I have enough, that I can change every day. Wish something like this was developed years ago. They wash great on delicate cycle & I dry them on low, because I don't have a clothesline. I wear them everyday, so I don't have to buy underwear from the stores anymore. You don't even notice that you have them on.

Sandra J. (Lone Jack, US)
As advertised

Sizing was right on. Quality is very good. Worked as advertised

Carmen G. (Corpus Christi, US)
Rose high waisted is the best

I feel so comfortable in these, they work well for leaks. I’m in my mid sixties and I wish I would’ve known about these years ago. Please consider trying these. So I am a size 14 & the 2xl are perfect. Thank you doctor for helping women like me with this common problem

Kim S. (Plainfield, US)

Panties are great for daily wear but I was hoping to find something to wear while in a pool. These do not work when wet.

Barbara M. (Grapevine, US)
Does the job!

I just bought one pair to give them a try. At first I thought they were too tight (like shapewear) but they did relax after wearing for a little while. Very nice to have when you have a cold because, well, coughing and sneezing! Will be ordering more.

ONDR Standard

Doctor designed, PLANT-based liner, uber-absorbent, leak proof, super-sleek.

Try it Risk Free!

ONDRwear is the doctor designed super-sleek, pee proof underwear you need in your life if you sometimes pee a little doing stuff you totally used to be absolutely fine doing without peeing a little like, oh I don’t know, laughing or sneezing but I’m not bitter about it or anything cause I got ONDR and ONDR incontinence underwear is the jam.

Protective underwear that is moisture wicking with maximum protection for whatever is coming out. 

#Wegotyou whether you need us once a month or 24/7/365.