leakproof high waisted brief
leakproof high waisted brief
leakproof high waisted brief
leakproof high waisted brief
leakproof high waisted brief
leakproof high waisted brief
leakproof high waisted brief

Essential Leakproof High Waisted Brief

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Color: Black
Size: XS

Leakproof Essential High Waisted Brief

ONDR Essential High Waisted Brief period underwear and incontinence underwear.

Knock Knock. (Who's there?)

Urine. (Urine who?)

Urine trouble if you aren't wearing ONDR. 

— Cause we KNOW what happens when you laugh too hard. Or Jump. Or stand up. Or hear water. Or... We KNOW. We got you. Designing the best damn uber-absorbent NO LEAK underwear out there for any "whoops" moment.  PP Promise.

Our Essential line has a longer gusset and hypoallergenic waistband with the same, doctor designed,  leakproof technology. 

Leakproof high waisted brief, stink-free and dry at 9 tsp or 9 tampons. Period Proof brief.

  • Lining : 81% modal + 13% alginate fiber + 6% spandex 
    Body : 70% nylon + 30% spandex 
    Gusset : 100% polyester; 85% polyester + 10% elastane + 5% polyurethane

    Negative testing for PFAS! 

    Machine wash cold with mild detergent. Do not bleach. Lay flat to dry.


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Easy! Throw them in the washing machine on cold with mild detergent and lay flat to dry. Avoid fabric softeners, bleach, ironing, or other high temperatures.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Ashlee (Minneapolis, US)
I would be lost without these.

I'm so embarrassed to write this review, but I have had horrendous bladder issues since having my daughter 2 1/2 years ago (I'm 35 years old). I had a pretty tumultuous pregnancy, and my bladder was shaped like a pancake for about 3 weeks until my lovely babe was finally born. Don't get me wrong, she's the literal best thing that has ever happened to me, but she did a number on my bladder lol. I currently take medication, I use level 5 boutique incontinence pads, and I've been doing kegels to no avail. I have an appointment scheduled with a urogynecologist in a few months, but living with this bladder leakage needs a resolution NOW so I can try to continue to live my life normally. I ordered 3 pairs of these exact undies (Essential Leakproof High Waisted Brief; worn with my level 5 boutique incontinence pads), and they are my only saving grace. When I wear normal underwear, I'm guaranteed to leak even with a pad on. With these, I literally never leak. It has been a lifesaver for me. I have never tried them without the extra incontinence pad because I just use that for reassurance since I know that my issues surpass what these are meant for, but I'm ultimately and truly so happy with these undies and the confidence they've brought to my life... enough so that I just bought 5 more pairs. They also do an impeccable job of hugging my curves, are incredibly soft, and are fabulous quality. All this to say, buy them. If you're like me and know you're more of a "gusher" or "full bladder" gal, I would still wear a pad (just because I've never tested it doesn't mean it's not possible with these; I'm just scared lol). But ultimately, these will change your life completely. They're a must.

P.K. (Kissimmee, US)
Mom's very happy

Mom ordered a medium but would a large. Will you have them soon? Would like to put in another order.

Margaret T. (Palatine, US)
Waiting for XL

Liked your panty but I really need an XL. When will you be providing it?

Patti ..

Perfect! I will definitely be ordering more!

Marsha P. (Yuma, US)
Great buy

I washed before I wore. Took 3 days to dry throughly. Then I wore. Wow! What a great experience! I wore them for 24hr, no leaks,no oder, very dry feel. I've been using other brands for more than 5yrs and ondrs are the best. Great fit, great price. Highly recommend.

ONDR Standard


Doctor designed


PLANT-based liner




Leak proof



Try it Risk Free!

ONDRwear is the doctor designed super-sleek, pee proof underwear you need in your life if you sometimes pee a little doing stuff you totally used to be absolutely fine doing without peeing a little like, oh I don’t know, laughing or sneezing but I’m not bitter about it or anything cause I got ONDR and ONDR incontinence underwear is the jam.

Protective underwear that is moisture wicking with maximum protection for whatever is coming out.

#Wegotyou whether you need us once a month or 24/7/365.

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Doctor designed

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