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Leak Proof Underwear

Pee Proof Underwear. Period Proof Underwear. Worry Proof.

Protection + Comfort = Awesome.

There's no reason to sacrifice comfort and style for leak proof protection. 

Our ultra thin lining is made from the sustainable fibers of seaweed and modal, making it naturally odor-resistant, antimicrobial and super soft. It is designed to hold almost 1/4 a cup of liquid, while feeling dry and comfortable all day long. Throw it in the washing machine and wear it again. It's simply the best incontinence underwear on the market.

Best Leakproof Underwear

LEAK PROOF. Undies that do all the work.



Leakproof Panties Reviews:

Still not sure? Don't take our word for it. Listen to people who have tried our washable incontinence underwear IRL. It's the sound of people living freely again. Period panties, incontinence briefs, every day absorbent underwear.