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FAQ About Leak-Proof Underwear for Incontinence

Yes! ONDRwear no pee underwear are designed to hold up to a 1/4 cup of liquid. 

Our panties are not just stylish and comfortable, they’re also extremely absorbent and made with odor-resistant, sustainable fibers. Our liners are extra long for night-time incontinence too! 

Absolutely! Our pee-proof underwear is period proof too. Use in conjunction with your cup or tampon on heavier days and on their own during regular or light flow days. 

Stay comfortable and odor-free every month with ONDRwear!

ONDRwear leak-proof underwear for incontinence can be worn for up to 12 hours at a time and should last 2-3 years with the proper care.

ONDR’s leak-proof underwear should be worn for no longer than 12 hours. If you’re experiencing leakage, you’re likely wearing the panties too long or you’re experiencing above average incontinence. You should speak to a doctor in the event of severe incontinence.

ONDRwear are doctor-designed, super absorbent, and leak-proof panties and compared to other leak-proof underpants, 

ONDR’s panties hold more liquid, are odor-free, and keep you comfortable all day long. Forget bulky pads and period panties, ONDRwear allows you to move freely all day long.

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