FAQs about ONDR Leakproof Incontinence Underwear

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Do ONDRwear incontinence underwear work?

Yep. Our incontinence panties and leakproof underwear are made to replace your pantiliners and pads for light to moderate bladder leaks. If you have heavy urinary incontinence, this can still serve as a back up for an extra layer of confidence.

What is my ONDR size for leak proof underwear?

check out our size guide to find you perfect fit.

Is ONDR leakproof underwear friendly for the environment?

Think of all the disposables NOT being disposed! We also searched for sustainable fabrics where we were able. Instead of harsh chemical and antibiotic treatments, we found fabrics with naturally odor resistant and antimicrobial properties. 

How do I care for my ONDR leakproof underwear?

Easy! Throw them in the washing machine on cold with mild detergent and lay flat to dry. Avoid fabric softeners, bleach, ironing, or other high temperatures.

Do you test ONDR for harmful chemicals?

Yes! Our leak proof underwear is tested by an independent lab and was not found to contain PFAS or chlorinated compounds. 

Are ONDR good for periods?

Yes! In fact, check out our page about Period Underwear 
ONDR are good for any and all types of leaks!

Do you allow returns or exchanges on your leakproof underwear?

Please see HERE for our return and exchange policy. Check out our Perfect Fit Guarantee

What's ONDRperks?

This is our way to give back to you. Get 1 ONDRpoint for every $1 dollar spent. Every 100 ONDRpoints is $10 that can be used on your purchase. Get 25 ONDRpoints just by signing up or leaving us a review. Login to your account here.

What's the difference between the Essential and Real Leakproof lines?

Think of our essential line as our version 2.0. It has the same leakproof technology, but more forgiving fit, longer pad, and more inclusive size range.