Pelvic Floor Exercises PDF

We always talk about strengthening our core (abs, hips, and back) but did you know that we have even deeper core muscles. These muscles actually form the floor of our pelvis and keep everything working as they should. Keeping these muscles healthy and strong can help with incontinence and other issues. 

 If you are having issues with a weakened pelvic floor, incontinence, or anything that can be caused by weak pelvic floor muscles then give these exercises a try. In addition to Kegels, these can help you improve the issues you may be having. 

Ignoring your pelvic floor muscles is NOT a good idea. The pelvic floor affects the organs supported by those muscles, particularly your bladder. Weak pelvic floor can mean bladder leaks, and even issues with sexual activity. 

 pelvic floor exercises pdf

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