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Real Leak Proof Thong

ONDR Thong Period underwear and Thong Incontinence underwear.

We’re not even gonna try to make you laugh.

—Cause we KNOW what happens when you laugh too hard. 

But when you’re rockin’ ONDR, you can laugh till the cows come home. Which I  is a really long time ‘cause cows don’t moove very fast. O_O

GET IT? No? Nothin?

Pfft. Fine. We’ll just stick to designing the best damn uber-absorbent NO LEAK underwear out there then. 

Leakproof thong, and dry at 6 tsp. Period Proof Thong.

Materials & Care
Lining: 81% modal + 13% alginate fiber + 6% spandex 
Body: 70% nylon + 30% spandex 
Gusset: 100% polyester; 85% polyester + 10% elastane + 5% polyurethane

NO PFAS and other chemical treatments! 
Machine wash cold with mild detergent. Do not bleach. Lay flat to dry.



period panties

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
First period thong 💓

As a professional dancer/instructor I've been looking for something that catches my leaks on heavy flow days and this is the first one that feels like it actually works! I use it with org tampon or disc on heavy days and use it on its own on lighter days.

Jump without worry!

I love the freedom I have to do my burpees and jump squats without worry of peeing my pants. I love the thong as well for no panty lines!

Love For Work

Love the thong style for work so I can still have that sleek seamless dress pants look and also feel protected

As We Get Older

I don't know about men, but as women get older it is quite common to slowly become incontinent. Problem is they don't want to talk about it! ONDRwear has great products that really work. Yes, they are a expensive, but they do the trick. I highly recommend at least going to their website. You might learn a thing or two. Or at least pass this website on to someone you might know that is struggling.

Life changing

I have only been wearing these to the gym for a week and I can honestly say they are life changing. I am 37 and do not have children but for some reason, every thing I do at the gym makes me pee. I can only exercise at certain times and wearing certain pants and it's always a big mental hassle. I also can only workout in a thong and the other thongs on the market hold way less. These are so incredible and I am so happy I discovered them!! And the customer service is EXCELLENT!

If I had to critique anything, I would love for these to be available in a different material. The thong is so nice and soft/slippery that my pants don't stay up nearly as well as they do with cotton thongs. It's like the workout pant material and thong material don't work together but I don't care, I will make it work!