Shop Our Top-Rated Incontinence Underwear for Women

You cough, you pee. You sneeze, you pee. You laugh, and you pee. 

What’s with all this pee? 

Incontinence in women is way more common than you might think. But, most women avoid this topic like the plague.

ONDRwear is changing the conversation and removing the shame and stigma associated with incontinence with our incontinence underwear — designed with you in mind.

Our Incontinence Underwear Are Doctor-Designed!

Seriously, where else can you find incontinence underwear that was designed by a doctor who literally witnesses the effects of incontinence all day?

Dr. Jessica Lubahn, MD, was tired of seeing her patients so upset and embarrassed about urinary leakage and decided to do something about it.

Enter ONDRwear. The first pee-proof underwear to deliver both style AND function.

Layers Eliminate the Prayers

We’re not kidding! You can stop praying that you’ll stay leak-free when you wear ONDRwear underwear for incontinence.

With four layers of protection, you’ll stay dry on the inside and on the outside.

  • Our Modal Algae Lining is soft, breathable, anti-microbial, and eco-friendly
  • With Hydrophilic One-Way Absorption, moisture is pulled away from your body

ONDRwear underwear for women with incontinence holds more than 9 tsps of liquid — that’s 25% more than the next leading brand! And what’s even better? We do it with style.

Our pee-proof underwear won’t dig, tug, or leave unsightly panty lines.

Hug-a-Tree While Staying Leak-Free

We made our incontinence underwear with both you AND the environment in mind. 

Our liners are made from plant-based materials so ONDRwear washable incontinence underwear won’t irritate your skin like synthetic materials might.

The beach wood fiber and algae lining is soft to the touch, but also super absorbent, naturally odor-free, and gentle on your most sensitive skin.

And, we independently test our pee-proof undies regularly to make sure they don’t have any of the nasty chemicals found in some of those other brands.

ONDRwear women’s incontinence underwear are eco-friendly and sustainable, making them 100% guilt-free in addition to keeping you leak-free!

What’s This? A PP Guarantee?!

We’re confident that you are going to love your ONDRwear incontinence underwear so much, that you’ll order a pair for every day of the week! 

It would be bad hygiene to accept returns or exchanges, but your experience matters to us.

For that reason, we offer a PP (Perfect Pair) guarantee — see what we did there? 

If you have any issues with the fit or style of your first pair of ONDRwear pee-proof underwear, we’ll send you a similarly priced replacement pair in a different style OR a different size in the style you chose — completely free of charge!

You can even hold on to your first pair… who knows, maybe they’ll grow on you.

ONDR Standard

Doctor designed, PLANT-based liner, uber-absorbent, leak proof, super-sleek.

See What Other Women Are Saying About Our Pee-Proof Underwear

I had previously been using pads for urinary incontinence but hated the bulk and the amount of waste I was creating. The ONDR High Waist briefs have been fantastic. I am packing for a 2-week trip, and instead of bringing a massive amount of pads, I have a small bag of underwear that I can wash and reuse.

Leah P.

I feel so comfortable in these, they work well for leaks. I’m in my mid-sixties and I wish I would’ve known about these years ago. Please consider trying these. So I am a size 14 & the 2xl are perfect. Thank you doctor for helping women like me with this common problem

Carmen G.

I just bought one pair to give them a try. At first, I thought they were too tight (like shapewear) but they did relax after wearing them for a little while. Very nice to have when you have a cold because, well, coughing and sneezing! Will be ordering more.

Barbara M.

Since having my daughter, I have issues leaking when running. I’ve done Kegels until I’m blue in the face, but I needed another option to help me avoid embarrassment until I can find a true fix. I’ve tried other brands of incontinence underwear, and this is hands down my favorite. They look like regular underwear (even my husband said so!) and they have a nice-sized yet thin pad. No crinkling noises either. They also wash well. For sizing, I’m a 2 with a booty, and the small fits well. I ran my Ragnar night leg in these and lots of training runs before. I highly recommend!


I don't know about men, but as women get older it is quite common to slowly become incontinent. Problem is they don't want to talk about it! ONDRwear has great products that really work. Yes, they are expensive, but they do the trick. I highly recommend at least going to their website. You might learn a thing or two. Or at least pass this website on to someone you might know that is struggling.

Linda S.

Love my ONDRwear! They are so comfortable and definitely do their job. Silly me went on a run without peeing prior and all I can say is if it wasn’t for ONDRwear, my pants would have turned from light pink to dark pink.