Pee Underwear - Washable and Protective

Pee Underwear for Bladder Leaks or Incontinence

So, What is Pee Underwear, Anyways?

Bladder leaks happen, that's why we created the most absorbent and comfortable washable no-leak underwear on the market! Our underwear not only absorb a lot of liquid, they keep you dry and smelling fresh all day with our patent-pending liner. 


pee underwear


Stress incontinence and other types of bladder leaks are extremely common, especially in women. It can happen when you jump, cough, laugh, or sneeze! ONDR is there when any of those things happen, absorbing and locking away moisture to keep you feeling dry and keeping your clothes nice and dry too. 

ONDR comes in 4 styles:


4 styles of leakproof pee underwear


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The Best Option for Bladder Leaks

Don't settle for using disposable pads or undies that leak or smell. Choose the brand that makes the best quality and most absorbent panties you can buy. They are machine washable and made of ultra-soft and comfortable fabrics. 

Stress Incontinence is a kind of leakage you get after you sneeze or put pressure down on your bladder with activity. Some people leak when they laugh, experience a fright, bend or lift something heavy, any action that will compress the bladder can squeeze out a few drops or more of urine. This is very common, and usually indicates weak pelvic floor muscles. If this kind of incontinence happens too often or causes you distress, you can strengthen your pelvic floor muscles with Kegel exercises and other exercise moves that target the pelvis and lower abdomen. In the meantime, try out a bladder control underwear that will prevent urine from leaking onto your clothing.