Whether you’re jumping on the trampoline with your kids or you sneeze too hard and it happens — that tiny trickle that you never thought you’d have to deal with. 

Although no one woman is comfortable with it, the truth is: bladder leaks happen.

We’ve got you covered — literally. 

ONDR has created the most absorbent, comfortable, and washable no-leak pee-proof underwear on the market. Our underwear not only absorb urine and other liquids, but they keep you dry and odor-free all day long.


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How Does Pee-Proof Underwear Work?

Stress  incontinence  and other types of bladder leaks are extremely common, especially in women. It can happen when you jump, cough, laugh, or sneeze! 

Our bladder-leakage underwear is made up of several, light, but ultra-absorbent, water-proof layers that are sealed off at the edges of the underwear — this stops any overflow of fluids from occurring. 

The best part? The inner plant-based liners soak up the fluids, but the outer layers feel dry to the touch. No more discomfort. No more urine leaking onto your pants or worrying about who can see the leakage. 

ONDR is there absorbing and locking away moisture to keep you feeling dry and keeping your clothes nice and dry too.

Unlike disposable underwear, when you put ONDRwear, you’ll notice the difference immediately. 

Our leak-proof technology is made to feel like the underwear you’ve been wearing for years — no hassles, no chafing, no bulky pads that leave you feeling self-conscious all day long.


4 styles of leakproof pee underwear


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Who Are Pee-Proof Underwear For?

Designed for women struggling with incontinence issues who want to remain active and youthful, without having to worry about when they start to feel that trickle

ONDR pee underwear is not only sleek, stylish, and ultra-absorbent — it’s environmentally friendly, too! 

Sick of throwing away dozens of pads a week? ONDR products are the perfect solution. Simply soak, rinse, and wash. No more waste. 

ONDR urine absorbing underwear comes in 4 styles: 

ONDR comes in 4 styles:

  • Leakproof Thong
  • Leakproof Bikini
  • Leakproof Boy Short
  • Leakproof High-Waisted

No matter what style of underwear you need or the activities you’ll be doing, ONDRwear has you covered.

How Long Can You Wear Pee-Proof Underwear For?

Depending on the style you choose and how much absorbency you are depending on, ONDRwear can be worn for up to 12 hours. 

Our leakproof thong can absorb up to 6 tsp of liquid, while our high-waisted briefs, boy shorts, and bikini briefs have been proven to stay dry while absorbing more than 9 tsp of liquid.

How To Wash ONDR Pee-Proof Underwear

ONDRwear can be cared for very easily.

All you have to do is soak and rinse them in cold water and toss them into the washer. 

We highly recommend you hang your ONDRwear to dry to protect the built-in liner and maintain its elasticity.

Do ONDR Pee Underwear Neutralize Odors?

Yes, because of the absorbent fabric in the crotch of ONDRwear and the waterproof outer fabric, fluids are quickly drained away from your skin, reducing the risk of odors and infections.

What Material is ONDR Pee-Proof Underwear Made From?

The outer material of ONDRwear is made of nylon, while the inner liner of our pee-proof underwear is made up of beach wood fiber and algae — these materials play a large role in neutralizing odors but also prevent irritation unlike the synthetic materials used by other incontinence underwear brands.

Are Incontinence/Pee Underwear Eco-Friendly?

Absolutely! The average woman uses 350 packs of sanitary pads in her lifetime. That’s one woman. Now multiply that by the number of women using sanitary pads and disposable underwear each year. 

Reusable pee underwear, like ONDRwear, is the perfect alternative to disposable underwear and pads. ONDRwear helps you stay dry and comfortable all day long without the need for disposable pads and underwear.

Do ONDR Pee Underwear Fit Like Normal Underwear?

Yes! Unlike disposable underwear, pads, and other brands of incontinence underwear, ONDRwear was created to not only leave you feeling comfortable but leave you feeling confident. 

ONDR offers four different styles of pee-proof underwear that are not only sleek — and fit like your normal underwear — but are doctor-designed to prevent urine and period leaks. 

How Much Liquid Can ONDR Pee Underwear Hold?

ONDR pee underwear is designed to absorb nearly ¼ a cup of liquid, but each style can absorb a different amount of liquid.

Our high-waisted briefs, boy shorts, and bikini briefs can absorb as much as nine teaspoons of liquid, while our pee-proof thong can hold up to 6 teaspoons — leaving you feeling dry and comfortable all day long.

Does ONDR Ship Outside of the United States?

Unfortunately, our period-proof underwear are only available to be shipped in the United States.

The Best Bladder Leakage Underwear

Don't settle for using disposable pads or undies that leak or smell. Choose the brand that makes the best quality and most absorbent panties you can buy.

ONDR pee-proof underwear won’t move out of place, tear, or ride up on you like disposable absorbency pads and underwear. 

They are flexible, maintain absorbency, and leave you feeling confident by providing a sleek look thanks to our built-in liners.

Can You Prevent Bladder Leakage?

Stress Incontinence is a kind of leakage you get after you sneeze or put pressure down on your bladder with activity. 

Some people leak when they laugh, experience a fright, bend or lift something heavy, any action that will compress the bladder can squeeze out a few drops or more of urine.

This is very common and usually indicates weak pelvic floor muscles. If this kind of incontinence happens too often or causes you distress, you can strengthen your pelvic floor muscles with Kegel exercises and other exercise moves that target the pelvis and lower abdomen. 

In the meantime, try out bladder leakage underwear (like ONDR’s pee underwear) that will prevent urine from leaking onto your clothing and have you feeling youthful and fresh all day long.