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ONDR washable period underwear are ultra-luxe, and have a plant-based super absorbent liner that was designed by a practicing urologist to absorb an impressive amount. 
Every pair of ONDRwear is made with a patent-pending leakproof absorbent liner that is unlike anything also on the market. 

ONDR period panties are designed to:

-Absorb everything without feeling bulky
-Keep you feeling dry by wicking away wetness
-Control odors using a patent-pending plant-based liner
-Be leakproof to keep your clothes free of stains

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Best Period Underwear

Getting a big, red target on your bottom is absolutely terrifying. Some people are just more prone to period leaks than others. It could be the way you move, or a particularly heavy period. You never know what will happen. Don’t let that stop you from doing what you need to do. Don’t cancel your plans just yet because it’s that time of the month, you just need the right menstrual panties in your arsenal. 

Period proof underwear is a newer product that seamlessly protects you from the worst leakage situations. When tampons or pads fail, you’ll have an extra layer of security with ONDRwear. 

These are not the bulky and stiff disposable undies, they are super soft and machine washable. Period proof underwear wears like regular underwear, except it has special absorbent layers and a waterproof layer that keeps blood from going through. 

Our period proof panties look just like regular underwear. They come in a range of sizes and styles including a period thong, period boy shorts, and  high-waisted period panties. 

Period Undies for Every Occasion

period proof panties

Whether it's school, sports, work, or running around town, ONDRwear has you covered. 

Nobody wants to ruin a pair of expensive workout shorts, yoga pants, or a new dress. The best way to keep your clothes protected is with an extra layer of security in the form of our super-absorbent period undies. 

ONDRwear are flexible while maintaining absorbency.  Since our liners are built in, you get a more seamless look that doesn't look too bulky, even underneath tight stretchy sportswear. 

High Activity, No Problem

Do you know someone who never uses pads because they tear that pad in two after an hour of wear? Or perhaps you’re one of those people who can never use pads at all because they don't stay put and don't feel comfortable. 

ONDR period proof underwear won't move or tear and adds a little insurance when you have to be on your feet all day. 

Protect Expensive Sheets, Luxurious Mattresses

ONDR period panties are great for overnight use (in addition to a tampon if you have heavy flow) so you can keep those pajamas, sheets, and mattress dry and stain-free. 

Our full coverage design is important here, we cover from back to the way front.