5 Best Leakproof Panties: Reviewed by a Urologist

Best Leakproof Panties

We all know that leaks happen, and as a Urologist my job is helping patients with some of these leaks due to incontinence. This is what inspired me to create an alternative to existing leak-proof underwear on the market. Leakproof panties should be comfortable, absorbent, but also stylish! And for health reasons, they should also keep your skin dry until you are able to get into your next pair.

Here are 5 great options for leakproof panties that you will want to check out:

1. Evawear panties

These are available on Amazon and are a good option for those who need more absorbent area all over the back side of the panties. Though they do add some bulk along the back, if you are a back sleeper and have leaks in the night then these might be a good leakproof panty option for you

2. UndiePads

These are disposable, so if you are traveling and don’t feel like washing reusable leakproof underwear these are a great option for either travel or as backup underwear to keep in your bag for emergencies.

3. Bambody workout underwear

These leakproof undies are bulkier than most because they are made to absorb more fluids when you are doing an intense workout and may have more leaks and need a leakproof panty that is more sporty.

4. ONDR Leakproof Panties

If you are looking for a balance between absorbent and stylish, these are the best. They can hold up to 8 teaspoons of fluid and look and feel exactly like panties that are not leakproof. ONDR Thong are by far the cutest and most comfortable and absorbent leakproof thong that I could find.

5. Swimsuits by Modibodi

These are great one piece swimsuits for extra leakproof protection while swimming. 

Summary of the best leakproof panties:

Overall, when you are shopping for a leakproof panty you want to choose something that is as absorbent as you need but also comfortable, stylish, and not too bulky. I recommend breathable fabrics and staying away from disposables as much as you can, both for the environment and for your skin. More on skin care for incontinence coming up in an upcoming post.