Absorbent Underwear - Saving you from Bladder Leaks

Urinary incontinence refers to the wide range of bladder control issues, which may lead you to look for absorbent underwear as you manage your incontinence.

You should talk to your physician to see if you need incontinent treatment if it is becoming an overwhelming nuisance in your life. Medicines may improve or stop the issue altogether, but usually small leaks still happen occasionally.

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Hygiene products can help to manage it and absorbent underwear is one way to do that.

In this article, we’ll talk about absorbent underwear for bladder leaks to help you to deal with incontinence.

What is Absorbent Underwear?

Absorbent underwear, also called incontinence underwear, is a sort of reusable (or disposable) underwear that is primarily intended to absorb urine or other body fluids like period blood. Washable options are usually a healthier option for for your skin as well as the environment, in contrast to the conventional disposable incontinence underwear or incontinence pads, which are usually plastic-based.

Best Absorbent Underwear to Buy

There are several good incontinence underwear available. Some great options are listed below:

1. ONDRwear

This plant-based and physician designed absorbent underwear comes with confidence and style. It comes in many shapes and styles including a leakproof thong, leakproof bikini, leakproof boy shorts, and leakproof high-waisted brief!
    • Pros: Designed by an actual doctor. Plant-based liner, stylish, sustainable, and super comfortable. 
    • Cons: They don't have a men's line yet, and color choices are limited.  

    Lily Bird Undergarments

    Lily Bird Undergarments

    Lily Bird's items are disposable adult underwear. They are a slightly thinner and more subtle than most drugstore and medical supply store brands of adult incontinence disposables.

      • Pros: They are absorbent and single-use if you need something as a backup or for traveling.
      • Cons: It can not be purchased as a single piece, you have to start a membership plan which includes a minimum of 60 pads. Also, not great for the environment since they are disposable and not washable. 

      Prevail Protective Underwear


      The Prevail Protective Underwear for Women provides good absorbency compared to some other disposable incontinence pads. 

        • Pros:  Breathable zones provided in the product keeps skin more dry and comfortable than other disposables. 
        • Cons: Some people find difficult to walk in this underwear because of the fit. Some also feel that there are too few sizes offered by the brand.
        Selecting an Absorbent Underwear

        Remember that your ordinary clothing size isn't necessarily the size you buy in incontinence underwear or incontinence pads. Every product has an accompanied size chart and size suggestions for the absorbent underwear depending on your height, weight, level of movement, and the volume and type of urinary incontinence. Depending on what you plan to wear them for, a disposable incontinence pad may make sense for short-term use but overall we recommend using a more breathable and environmentally conscious option of washable incontinence underwear if you can. 

        Benefits of Using a Washable Absorbent Underwear

        Reusable absorbent underwear is more advantageous as compared to other hygiene products for many reasons. Some of them are listed below:

        • It is Washable: Incontinence underwear is launder-able, which means it tends to be a practical option in contrast to expendable underwear. They cost more in the short term than disposables but overall end up saving you money since you can reuse them so many times. 
        • It has an "Ordinary Underwear Feel": Many individuals do not purchase incontinence items for fear that they may feel bulky, make noise as they move, or feel awkward. But, if you buy the right ones, absorbent underwear is intended to feel simply like regular underwear. You might not even be able to tell the difference!
        • It Allows Freedom of Movement: An absorbent underwear should be flexible, comfortable, and breathable, so you won't feel restricted or uncomfortable. You should be able to live your desired lifestyle in them. 

        Final Thoughts on Washable, Absorbent Incontinence Underwear

        A large number of people live with bladder incontinence due to several causes. Using absorbent underwear is a great solution to prevent unwanted leaks, and allow you to live confidently without feeling restricted or uncomfortable. There are plenty of options to choose from but you should consider the basic factors mentioned above before choosing an incontinence underwear option that works for you. 

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