How to Be Hygienic During Periods: Tips for Staying Fresh and Clean When It’s “That Time of the Month”

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How to Be Hygienic During Periods: Tips for Staying Fresh and Clean When It’s “That Time of the Month”

Your monthly period brings all kinds of concerns, not the least of which is how to be hygienic during periods.

We’ve all experienced the unpleasant and yucky feeling that comes with the mess and the repercussions of an unfortunate leak.

Is there any way to get around it? 

It’s possible to feel clean and fresh when your monthly visitor arrives.

Read on to learn menstrual hygiene tips that will give you confidence and comfort even when your period is heavy and long.

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how to be hygienic during periods

6 Tips for Great Personal Hygiene During Menstruation

Let’s face it. Periods are messy. 

But just because they are messy doesn’t mean you need to give up on being and feeling clean that one week out of the month.

On top of your regular daily routine, try adding these tips to your list during those days when your period threatens to bring you down.

#1: Bathe Daily

Okay, this is probably something you already do, but it’s extra important to bathe every day when you’re on your period.

And if you're exercising, you may want to bathe or shower more than that. The extra sweat and heat created with exercise can contribute to the already ripe breeding ground for bacteria down there. So be on the safe side and jump in the shower again after your exercise routine.

Bath or shower? Which is best during your period?

That totally depends on you and your preference. 

It’s totally safe to take a bath during your period, but you’ll want to:

  • Avoid taking a bubble bath. The chemicals and fragrances can be irritating.
  • Make sure the bathtub is clean to avoid unwanted bacteria that may cause infection.
  • Use warm water rather than hot water; hot water tends to make women bleed more.
  • Wash off your private area before sitting in the tub.

Whether you are taking a bath or shower, you’ll want to make sure you clean your vaginal area thoroughly. And it wouldn’t be a bad idea to clean that area twice a day while you’re menstruating.

But don’t over clean as this can cause your pH balance to be off — making you more susceptible to bacterial vaginosis or yeast infections.

#2: Skip the Soap

Because the vagina is a self-cleaning organ, rinsing your vaginal area with water only is recommended to maintain the vagina’s natural flora (the over 250 bacterial species living in the vaginal tract).

Douching or washing with harsh or fragrant soaps aren’t necessary to be clean, and they can actually cause more harm than good

The ideal pH of the vagina is 3.5 - 4, and soaps and other over-the-counter products can disturb the vagina’s pH, increasing the risk of infection. Not only that, washing with soap can remove the vagina’s “good” bacteria, further increasing the risk for infection.

If you must use soap, choose one that is fragrance-free and gentle and use it to wash the groin area only.


be hygienic during periods

#3: Don’t Use Scented Products

Using scented products like …

  • Pads
  • Tampons
  • Pantiliners
  • Toilet paper
  • Deodorants; and
  • Sprays

… is a bad idea because they can:

  • Cause vaginitis
  • Be irritating to the skin in this sensitive area
  • Alter your vagina’s natural pH
  • Interfere with your hormones
  • Contain chemicals that are bad for the environment

What exactly is in these scented products that make them so bad? We’re glad you asked. 

Scented tampons and pads may contain:

1. Dioxins and furans 

  • These are a result of the bleaching process and have been linked to reproductive health issues and the disruption of hormones.
2. Pesticides (yes, pesticides!) 
    • They can be found in non-organically grown cotton used to make pads and tampons.
    3. Undisclosed fragrances 
      • Because they are considered proprietary information in the U.S., there isn’t a way to really know what chemical ingredients are in your pads and tampons.


          how to be hygienic during periods

          #4: Change Your Product(s) Regularly

          Having your period can be so inconvenient, especially if you have a heavy flow and need to change your pad or tampon often.

          But even if your flow isn’t heavy, it’s a good idea to change your feminine products regularly.

          The recommendation is to:

          • Change your pad every three to five hours; and
          • Change your tampon every four to eight hours

          And you should NEVER leave a tampon in for more than eight hours because of the risks associated with:

          Changing your feminine products regularly is important, but it’s also crucial to choose sanitary products that match the absorbency level of the menstrual flow you are experiencing. 

          If only there was a menstrual product that was made to keep you fresh and clean without all the added risks.

          Designed by urologist Dr. Jessica Lubahn, ONDR period panties are the alternative to chemically-laden and irritating products like tampons and pads. 

          Not only are ONDRwear panties comfortable to wear, but they also hold up to nine teaspoons of liquid and have a modal algae lining that is antimicrobial and eco-friendly.

          Ditch the expensive and potentially dangerous traditional products and try the safe and comfortable option provided by ONDR.

          #5: Drink Plenty of Water

          Drinking plenty of water is always a good idea, but more so when it’s that time of the month

          Drinking eight to ten glasses of water a day helps to flush your body of toxins and gives you the hydration your body needs to function optimally. 

          Being well-hydrated on your period has many other benefits, including:

          • Reversing the feelings of fatigue
          • Lessening menstrual cramps
          • Decreased bloating
          • Headache relief
          • Reducing abdominal pain
          • Decreasing vaginal odor
          • Better digestion
          • Clearer skin

          #6: Wear Breathable Clothing

          If you struggle with bloating and cramps during your period, you’re probably already choosing comfortable clothes to wear.

          But when you’re thinking about how to maintain good hygiene during menstruation, wearing the right type of clothing can make a difference.

          It’s best to stick with natural fibers and loose-fitting styles that won’t make you sweat. 

          Look for clothes made with fabrics that let you breathe. Avoid synthetic fabrics because they trap moisture and heat, leaving a breeding ground for bacteria.

          Wearing cotton underwear — or better yet ONDRwear — can help you feel fresh and dry all day.


          how to be hygienic during periods

          5 Reasons Why ONDR Period Panties Are Your Best Choice for Personal Hygiene During Menstruation

          If you’re tired of the products that are uncomfortable, messy, and smelly and want to adopt a new product that will promote good hygiene during menstruation, try ONDR period panties for the following reasons.

          #1: Breathable

          When Dr. Lubahn created ONDRwear, she knew that making them breathable was a high priority. When using products that aren’t breathable, things begin to grow. Yuck! Nobody wants the funk that comes with unnecessary bacteria growing down there.

          ONDR period panties are made with hydrophilic one-way absorption technology, which pulls and retains the liquid away from you. This means our ONDRwear keeps you dry and lets you breathe even on the heaviest day of your period.

          #2: Anti-Microbial

          All ONDR period panties are made with a modal algae lining, which is not only soft and breathable but is also eco-friendly and naturally anti-microbial.

          #3: No Nasty Chemicals

          Our fabrics are picked for their natural properties, allowing us to avoid unnecessary treatment. Because of these fabrics with natural qualities, we are able to manufacture our product with as few chemicals as possible.

          #4: Fragrance-Free

          ONDR period and pee-proof panties don’t contain any of those “undisclosed” fragrances that we talked about above.

          With our plant-based liner, you’ll stay dry and fresh — eliminating the need for fragranced products that don’t really work anyway. 

          In fact, the chemicals in fragrances alter your vagina’s pH and can cause a funky odor. Isn’t it ironic that a product you buy to avoid vaginal odor can actually end up being the cause?

          You can rest assured that all ONDR products are fragrance-free and come with a Perfect Pair Guarantee.

          #5: Leakproof

          ONDR period panties are leakproof and hold 25% more liquid than the next leading brand (up to nine teaspoons).

          Our multi-layer liner and extra-long gusset give you the confidence you’ll need so you won’t have to worry about unhygienic leaks. Our gusset is just the right size and is located in just the right place — in the front and the back — so that it catches more fluid while adjusting to your body shape.

          Not only that, the gusset and the nylon and spandex design mean ONDRwear is made to move with you. Those unsightly panty lines will be a thing of the past, and you’ll also be able to avoid the digging and tugging that comes with ill-fitting underwear that sneaks into all the wrong places.


          hygienic during periods

          The Bottom Line: ONDRwear Period Underwear Is the Perfect Way to Feel Clean & Tidy all Month Long

          If good hygiene during menstruation is a priority for you, ONDRwear can give you the clean feeling and the peace of mind you desire during that dreaded time of the month.

          There’s everything to love about ONDRwear, including these six qualities:

          1. Moisture-wicking
          2. Leakproof
          3. Comfortable
          4. Form-fitting
          5. Waterproof; and
          6. Machine-washable

          ONDRwear is also environmentally friendly, meaning less waste in landfills. And because we use sustainable fabrics whenever possible, our products are made with fabrics with naturally odor-resistant and anti-microbial properties.

          If you’re wondering if ONDRwear can be as good as it sounds, find out for yourself and buy your first pair today. 

          Once you love them — and we know you will — you’ll want to take advantage of ONDRperks. 

          You’ll get one ONDRpoint for every $1 you spend, and those points can be used toward your next purchase. You’ll get 25 points just for signing up or leaving a review, so why wait? See what the ONDR rage is all about and start earning points today.


          how to be hygienic during periods


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