How to Wear Male Incontinence Pads: A Guide From ONDR

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How to Wear Male Incontinence Pads: A Guide From ONDR

You’ve started wearing men’s incontinence pads, and you’re already tired of it.

They keep slipping out of place. They don’t feel right. And now you’re left questioning if maybe it’s how you’re wearing them — or if you’re even wearing the correct type of incontinence pad at all. 

You’ve never had to wear any sort of pad in your life, and now you need guidance, but Google is the only way you’re comfortable asking for help. 

Your search engine didn’t do you wrong this time. 

Continue reading to learn how to wear male incontinence pads, what types of incontinence pads are available for men, and other, more sustainable options.


how to wear male incontinence pads

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How Do Men's Incontinence Pads Work?

Men’s incontinence pads are ultra-absorbent pads designed to protect against bladder leaks. These pads are placed inside underwear and shaped to fit male anatomy to absorb moisture properly. 


how to wear male incontinence pads

How Do Men Put On Pads?

Putting on men’s incontinence pads isn’t necessarily difficult, but how a man puts on the pad will depend on whether it is disposable or reusable. 

Whether you choose a disposable pad or a reusable, it’s important to note some disadvantages before selecting any type of incontinence coverage. 

Some disadvantages of male incontinence pads include:

  • They aren’t ideal for an active lifestyle, as they may create an odor when sweating or shift with too much movement
  • Men’s incontinence pads are generally less effective at absorbing urine at night because gravity can cause the urine to flow away from the pad
  • Increased chances of rashes, chaffing or rubbing 
  • Issues with the adhesive of the pad sticking to the skin 

There Are 2 Basic Options for Male Incontinence Pads 

#1: Disposable Male Incontinence Pads

The most common type of incontinence products for men are disposable pads, specifically small incontinence pads often referred to as guards. These pads are pocket-shaped, with elasticated outer edges, and form a cup shape, so the penis and scrotum fit neatly above it. 

The incontinence pads are made up of tiny absorbent beads that soak up any moisture, turn it into gel, and move it away from your skin. 

Other disposable options include pouches and larger “unisex” pads for those dealing with heavier amounts of urinary incontinence. 

Men’s disposable pouches are pocket-shaped disposable pads that cup the penis and are intended to be placed into close-fitting briefs or underwear. These pouches are made of a non-woven material that allows urine to pass through while keeping the skin dry. 

Some men prefer the larger “unisex” disposable pads, especially if they are dealing with incontinence at night or are looking for a low-cost option. These disposable pads are typically thicker and must be worn with tight-fitting underwear, giving the pad something to adhere to. 

How to Wear Disposable Male Incontinence Pads

In general, disposable male incontinence pads are all worn similarly. 

They have an adhesive strip on the back — which secures the pad to the underwear and keeps it in place — and a waterproof outer backing. 

Users should place the adhesive onto their underwear, ensuring the underwear is pulled taut to avoid the pad being placed incorrectly or in an uncomfortable position. 

The adhesive of disposable pads works best on clean, dry, cotton underwear.

Disposable incontinence pads should be changed every three to four hours, or if considerably soiled, to avoid: 

#2: Reusable Male Incontinence Pads

Reusable male incontinence pads may seem like the only option for those looking for a more …

  • Natural
  • Eco-friendly, and 
  • Low-cost
  • … option for managing incontinence.

    These pads usually have a waterproof backing — although there are reusable male incontinence pads that do not have a waterproof backing that are meant to be used in pants with a waterproof area. 

    Reusable pads are designed to be secured and worn in close-fitting pants or underwear.

    If you’re looking for a reusable male incontinence option that doesn’t leave you feeling uncomfortable, or require you to carry extra products with you, consider switching to ONDRwear. 

    ONDRwear’s leakproof men’s incontinence underwear is ideal for those in need of light to moderate coverage, with the ability to hold more than nine teaspoons of liquid. 

    All of our leakproof options are doctor-designed, uber-absorbent, and super discreet, allowing you to get back to doing the things you enjoy without having to worry about incontinence issues. 

    How to Wear Reusable Male Incontinence Pads

    Unlike disposable pads, reusable pads typically have wings that flip over and snap under the crotch of your underwear. These pads are usually made from polyester, cotton, or even flannel materials. 

    Reusable incontinence pads are generally ideal for all-day and overnight wear. 


    how to wear male incontinence pads

    3 Additional Tips on How to Wear Male Incontinence Pads

    #1: Wear Tight-Fitting Undergarments

    Urinary pads are not ideal for those who wear boxers or other loose fitting undergarments. Pads are known for shifting and generally aren’t form-fitting, no matter how much a company claims they are. 

    Keeping the pads in place, avoiding unnecessary chaffing, or risking the pad sticking to your skin requires tighter undergarments, like men’s briefs. 

    Additionally, aside from the fit of the undergarments, you’ll also want to be aware of the type of material you’re wearing. Reusable pads, for example, generally stick best to cotton.

    #2: Try Several Options to Find What Works Best for You

    Finding a product that works for you and your situation can be difficult. Both disposable and reusable pads come in many shapes, sizes, and levels of absorbency. 

    Before purchasing multiples of one style or type of incontinence pad, try different styles and types of materials. 

    When trying different options, pay attention to: 

    • What’s comfortable
    • If your body reacts to certain materials, and 
    • Whether the pad is absorbing enough urine or if you’re frequently having to change your pad 

    #3: Combine Pads With Incontinence Briefs for Extra Protection

    If your incontinence is leaving you feeling insecure about leaking, or being able to do daily tasks, consider combining your pad with extra protection — like ONDR’s incontinence briefs for men. 

    If you have significant leakage, ONDRwear works well for extra support with our strong waistband and a form-fitting style. 

    ONDR’s incontinence wear for men is created with YOU in mind

    Our incontinence wear is … 

    • Supportive
    • Breathable, and 
    • Comfortable 

    … while still providing as much coverage as possible so that you can continue living as you would without the struggles of incontinence. 


    how do men put on pads

    Why Is It Often Difficult for Men to Wear Male Incontinence Pads?

    Incontinence is an issue that both men and women face — but oftentimes, males have more issues finding, and wearing, incontinence pads. And it’s no surprise why. 

    Even with so many brands trying to come up with pads that are meant for men, there are still several issues that men face when choosing incontinence wear. 

    Pad Shifting

    If you’re dealing with incontinence as a male, finding a pad that doesn’t shift out of place in anything other than tight-fitting underwear can be difficult. 

    With these shifts comes the risk of your pad sticking to your skin and taking time out of your day to adjust and readjust your pad. 


    Aside from the potential skin issues associated with wearing incontinence pads, moving around doing everyday activities can quickly become uncomfortable. 

    The added friction from the pad rubbing against your skin may make you unnecessarily hot and sweaty, increasing the risk for infections and additional discomfort. 


    Although incontinence is absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about, almost 98% of men dealing with incontinence are too embarrassed to seek help — let alone find a product that makes them feel comfortable. 

    For men, incontinence is something that may feel harder to conceal, from purchasing incontinence items at the store to having nowhere to conceal these items as they need to change them throughout the day. 

    Add in dealing with the unnecessary noises incontinence pads make every time you move, and you’re likely looking for any other option to manage your incontinence. 


    how do men's incontinence pads work

    Our Best Advice on How to Wear Male Incontinence Pads: Try ONDRwear Instead

    Tired of feeling embarrassed about your incontinence? Maybe you’re sick of paying for incontinence pads each month — or you’re sick of wearing them regularly. 

    We’ve worked to make men’s incontinence underwear that is as close as possible to the underwear you’d prefer to wear. 

    ONDR’s men’s line of incontinence underwear is:

    • Form-fitting
    • Eco-friendly
    • Machine washable 
    • Naturally odor-free; and 
    • Affordable

    Ready to feel more confident and comfortable? Try ONDRwear’s line of incontinence underwear today. 


    how to wear male incontinence pads


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