ONDRwear FAQ: How Long Do Period Panties Last?

Jessica Lubahn 7 min read

ONDRwear FAQ: How Long Do Period Panties Last?

Period panties seem to be the new big thing, and for good reason. They make periods easier and you don’t have to worry about taking out a tampon on time. 

But, especially if you’re used to disposable period products, you might be wondering if period underwear is worth the investment. 

How long do period panties last? How long can you wear period underwear? 

Welcome to your guide to all things related to the lifespan of your period underwear. 

Looking to find out how long a pair will typically last? Keep reading. 

Wondering if you can wear your pair for a whole day without needing to change them? That’s in here too.

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How Long Do Period Underwear Last?

Whether you’re wondering how many hours you can go before changing your period underwear or you need to know when you should place your next order, various factors affect each answer. 

We’ll tell you all about both below. 

how long do period underwear last

How Often Should Period Underwear Be Replaced?

Your period underwear’s lifespan depends on multiple things like:

  • How often you wear them
  • How you care for them
  • How often you have to change — and therefore wash — them

Typically, period underwear lasts between six months and two years. ONDRwear tends to last for about 200-250 washes. 

2 Factors That Affect the Lifespan of Your Period Underwear

Your period underwear’s life expectancy can be increased — or decreased — based on a couple of different factors. 

#1: How Often Your Underwear Are Worn

If you wear your period underwear daily for incontinence, you can expect a shorter lifespan than if you only wear it a few days a week for period protection. 

With ONDRwear, we have found that, with proper care, one pair will last for around a year if worn daily. If you only wear it for about five days a month, you can expect your ONDRwear to last for a few years, provided you take good care of them. 

#2: The Care Your Underwear Receives

You need a little extra hygienic care and love on your period and so do your period panties. 

How you treat your period panties matters. 

Whether or not you follow the cleaning instructions will greatly affect how long they last. 

how long can you wear period underwear

Can You Wear Period Underwear All Day?

Unlike tampons, you can usually wear your period underwear all day long without any issues. The main reason you would need to change throughout the day would be if you have a super heavy flow and find that your underwear has absorbed so much that it isn’t comfortable anymore. 

Pads and tampons — especially tampons — have more stringent timetables for changing due to the possibility of TSS, or Toxic Shock Syndrome. But the risk of TSS with period underwear is greatly reduced and, in most cases, isn’t something you need to worry about. 

2 Factors That Affect How Long Period Underwear Lasts Per Use 

How often should you change period underwear? That depends on a couple of different things. 

#1: Your Flow and Comfort

Period underwear works by absorbing period discharge and most pairs can hold a good amount. ONDRwear can hold up to nine tampons worth. 

You may find that, the longer you wear your period underwear throughout the day, the more uncomfortable you feel. This may be due to the fact that the underwear does become heavier as it absorbs more liquid. 

If your flow is heavier, you may find that it is more comfortable for you to change your underwear more often. 

#2: Stand-Alone Use vs. Backup Use

What are you using your period underwear for? Is it your primary period product? Or is it serving as backup to another product such as a:

  • Cup 
  • Pad
  • Tampon
  • Disk 

If it is the only line of defense, you’ll need to change more often. If it is serving as backup, you probably don’t need to change it any more often than you would any other underwear. 

how long can you wear period underwear

How to Make Your Period Underwear Last Longer

You want to make your period underwear last as long as possible. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to get the most life out of your panties. 

#1: Follow Washing Instructions,

Believe it or not, your period underwear manufacturer knows what they are doing when they tell you how to care for the product they created. Follow the washing instructions that come with your underwear. 

Generally speaking, there are three steps you should follow when it comes to washing your period panties:

1. Rinse in cold water to get the blood/discharge out

2. Throw them in the wash — many brands require a ‘delicate’ cycle but ‘regular’ is just fine for ONDRwear. Make sure you:

  • Use a laundry bag
  • Don’t use bleach
  • Avoid harsh detergents, fabric softeners, and dyes

3.Hang to dry or lie out flat until dry

#2: Don’t Use Heat

You should do all you can to avoid exposing your period panties to heat. Don’t throw them in the dryer or use any other type of heat to dry them. 

Heat will cause the materials to break down faster and your underwear won’t last nearly as long. 

Avoid heat as much as possible. 

#3: Rinse ASAP and Be Thorough

When you’re finished with a pair, rinse in cold water immediately. You should keep rinsing until the water runs clear. 

Waiting to rinse your period underwear can cause some problems. They will be harder to clean, and the blood could encourage bacterial growth that may make the fibers break down faster. 

#4: Have More Than One Pair

When you first dive into the period panty pool, just getting one pair isn’t a bad idea. It allows you to test it out without having a massive financial investment. 

But, once you fall in love with period underwear — because, let’s face it, you will — it's a good idea to get a few more pairs. 

Not only will they each last a little longer since they are getting washed less often, you’ll now have a pair to wear when one is drying. 

how long can you wear period underwear

#5: Use in Conjunction With Other Period Products

Using your period panties exclusively might be your preferred method of handling your period and that is totally okay! 

But, if you use period underwear alongside other products, your underwear will last longer. 

For instance, you could wear your period panties during the day and use a pad at night. 

Maybe you are a menstrual cup lover and prefer to wear your cup during the day and rest easy at night knowing you have the support of your period panties. 

Whatever your preferences may be, using your period panties in conjunction with other period products can help extend the longevity of your underwear since it is getting less use and is being washed less often. 

ONDRwear: High-Quality Period Underwear That Last

While finding period underwear five or ten years ago would have been a difficult — and rather taboo — task, these days, you can find period underwear just about anywhere. 

But what about good, high-quality period underwear? That’s a little harder to find. 

ONDRwear is the high-quality period and incontinence underwear you’ve been looking for. Created by a female urologist with the input of over 40,000 users, ONDRwear is sustainable, comfortable, and size-inclusive. 

With underwear for both men and women and styles ranging from boyshorts to thongs — and everywhere in between —  ONDRwear is the low-maintenance period and incontinence solution you need. 

Our underwear is made to last and keep its function without having any of the nasty chemicals often found in other period underwear. 

Change your period and incontinence routine forever by purchasing your first pair of ONDRwear today. You can purchase with confidence, knowing that your purchase is backed by our Perfect Pair Guarantee.  

how long do period underwear last